Thursday, April 30, 2009

Summer Can't Come Soon Enough

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. Yippee!

This is really the first summer that I remember being truly excited about it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved not going to school for a couple months and the random trips to the Midwest to see the family but we rarely went to the beach (my parents didn’t swim) or did anything exciting. During college I usually just worked and took classes so it wasn’t much of a summer. This summer is shaping up to be truly exciting though. Both Andy and I are planning to move; him back to Columbia, me into a new house with Miss Erin Egnot. We both have a ton of trips planned: everywhere from Myrtle Beach, to Maryland, to maybe Germany (for me and the Olsgaard clan). Any weekend that we don’t have plans, or I’m working :’(, I’m hoping to take trips around the state and visit all our friends who we don’t get to see very often. There are the Greenville girls, and the group sounds like its numbers will be growing again soon, Justin at Wofford, and the ladies in Charleston. Maybe we can even swing down to Florida for a long weekend to see Miss Celia!

P.S. We are having a mini SPTE/college reunion this weekend. Lots of people are coming into town and I’m so excited to see everyone! Of course I only get to see people sporadically because I have Disney on Ice at the arena this weekend. And I have to be here for all SEVEN shows of it! Are you kidding me? Oh well, that’s the price I pay for having a big girl job.

I’m currently reading: Second Chance by: Jane Green. It’s a little sadder than what I usually look for in chick-lit but I’m pushing through it to see if it gets better. The story is a completely knock off of the movie Big Chill, which I do like. (Best soundtrack ever!). I also just started reading Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracey Chevalier. I’ve always wanted to read it, so I am.


  1. Oh girrrrl, you're moving in with Erin EEEEE?!?! Now I definitely have excuses to visit Cola! :) And speaking of visiting, Jax should definitely make your list! We'll have to do lame stuff - go to the zoo, hang on the beach, etc - because I'm not a cool enough person for the night life, but I can find a good time if I need to. ;)

    And I have a lot of summer plans, too! I have lots of service projects and family vacays. And John will be back in SC, so I'll be up that way, too!!!

  2. Ooooh, Germany?!? I didn't know that was still under consideration. That would be fantastic! I'd love to see you guys.

  3. right now im reading the kite runner (which was way overdue!) and james and the giant peach. im weird and like to revisit children's books of my past like roald dahl & judy blume...

    have you heard of a book called "1000 White Women"?? it sounds interesting.


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