Monday, April 20, 2009

I Like Lists

So I don’t think I’m very good at writing in paragraph form, also I’m just too lazy to write in that format so I’m switching to a list form instead. If you dislike the style, so sorry, but too bad. Hehe I love you. ;)

*I spent my second weekend at the Family Circle Cup Tennis Tournament this past weekend. I’ve never been much of a tennis fan. (I mainly compare it to watching paint dry actually.) But it was surprisingly entertaining. I think the fact that watching anything in person makes everything more fun and the fact that the players were very good also helped. A completely random girl ended up winning which was cool. The winner was only 19 years old and the runner up was only 18! Wow do I feel slightly unaccomplished at the old age of 23. I guess I can always blame my parents for letting my have a wonderful childhood instead of forcing me to become a world class athlete.

*I think everyone I know got engaged over Easter weekend. Okay, not everyone but a bunch of people did. Congrats to all the happy couples. It is kinda funny how these events seem to come in spurts though.

*Somehow I became Facebook friends with people my brother goes to high school with a while back. Well they all had prom over the weekend and I had a good ole’ time looking through all their pictures this morning. It’s crazy to think that my last prom was FIVE YEARS ago! The taste in dresses and hair styles have changed only slightly since I went. It still feels like yesterday that I was shopping for the perfect dress. Both of my proms went very smoothly, no crazy or embarrassing stories. Anyone out there have any good prom stories????

P.S. I’m still reading the same books I mentioned last blog but I thought I would add that Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code, will be coming out with a new book called The Lost Symbol on September 15th. For all you lovers of Brown’s work, get excited!!!!

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  1. I like lists, too...:
    1 - I agree with the first paragraph... as noted in my own blog. ;)
    2 - I sure as hell didn't get engaged over the weekend! (But you're right... there's a flippin' engagement season all on its own.)
    3 - As I read your bit about prom, my old roomie sent me a message that she had found our graduation video... from high school. I'll admit I've been a little nostalgic, too!
    4 - I LOVE Dan Brown! I actually think DaVinci Code was my least favorite, but I've read Deception Point and Angels & Demons twice. Thanks for the heads up!
    5 - I love you, lady :)


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