Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday

I'm linking up with my favs April at A. Liz Adventures and Christina at Carolina Charm for.....

While in Virginia we stayed at the lovely George Washington hotel. They had the best toiletries in the bathroom by Bath and Body Works. The lotion they provided was called Grin and Bare It and I'm obsessed. I think I'll be picking up a bottle of it since I've flown through the travel sized bottle from the hotel.
Also while in Virginia I had my hair done for the wedding I was in. The girl used Moroccanoil Hairspray and I was shocked at how well it held. Curls in my hair ALWAYS fall. I have fine, thin hair that won't hold anything if there is an ounce of humidity. But this hairspray was amazing. Has anyone every tried it?

I started the book The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty yesterday. It's interesting by I guess I'm still  not sure why everyone is so excited about it.
Someone walked around the office yesterday with a box of hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Yes, I ate one. No, I didn't regret it. They are a little slice of heaven. However I did tell my coworker not to come near me again with that box. I clearly have no self control.

You know when you see a piece of clothing on someone and you just have to have it for yourself? Well, that's what happened to me with this blue and white dress from The Limited. A friend posted a picture of it on Instagram and I went and bought it the next day. I just had to have it, I'm obsessed. It was on sale and impossible to find online. But check your local store if you are interested. 


  1. I'm surprised no one brought donuts in here. Well, yet.. TGIF!

  2. that dress is gorg! matches your background :)

  3. I would have zero regrets about a hot KK donut as well, they are always worth a splurge! TGIF!

  4. mmmm warm is just a little slice of heaven!
    Loove that dress, it is gorgeous!
    I haven't tried that hair spray but might have to pick it up when my current one runs out.

  5. Love that you told your coworker not to come near you with more donuts!! too funny! I have a love-hate relationship with my coworkers when they bring in amazing treats!!

  6. I just bought an assorted dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts. I have no self control either haha


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