Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Reception Details

I knew pretty early on that I did not want a sit down dinner. I wanted the reception to be laid back, classic, fun and comfortable. My mom and I tried to make as many parts as we could ourselves and wanted to add as many personal details as possible.

Can you believe my mom made these for us? Even our florist was impressed. She saved them for us, so if anyone has an idea of what we should do with them please let me know.

My friends from college are famous for wearing fantastic shoes to weddings but then kicking them off by the middle of the night because we always take over the dance floor. I bought these pairs of flip flops at the Old Navy outlet for less than a dollar each and people loved them.

I'm not much of a cake fan so we decided to go with a cake from a local grocery store and it was the best decision. It tasted great and didn't cost an arm and a leg. We actually didn't get any of our cake other than the bite we fed each other. We also did our toast with Bride and Groom tervis, which I'm obsessed with.

I am of the mind that twinkle lights make everything better so when it came to picking a tent I knew the clear tent with string light was the way to go. People loved it and it set a beautiful back drop for the whole reception.

We did a memory table to honor the family who could not be with us that day. It was nice to have a spot to remember our loved ones.

Our guest book was a photobook made up of our engagement pictures. If you are considering doing this as your guest book I would highly recommend it. People loved going through the pictures and it makes for a great book to leave out of future house guests to look through. We loved reading all the comments after the wedding. P.S. If you use extra fine tip Sharpies the ink won't smeer or bleed.

I'm not a fan of useless wedding favors. Don't hand out random stuff just to say you gave out something. I feel food is a good choice generally because who doesn't like a late night snack after a wedding?

I wanted to represent both Andy and his Maryland background, as well as myself and a bit of South Carolina. We landed on a small bag of Utz Crab Chips, seasoned with Old Bay, and a package of candied pecans.

We also included a card with website where our guests could upload pictures from the wedding. We had lots of people who loaded pictures and it was great having access to everyones images.


  1. Loved seeing all of the details! Your moss letters turned out amazing! I plan on making some for our reception, too, so I may be asking you/your mom for some tips! :) I LOVE your clear top tent with the string lights! Our dinner tent is a regular tent, but our dancing tent is a clear top and I am SO excited about it!!

  2. I'm loving all of your wedding pictures!! Love all of these ideas..definitely will have to remember them for the future! :)

  3. I hate you didnt get to eat a piece of your cake, it was by far the best wedding cake ever! At least next april you get the top of the cake, haha! Glad to be a part of your special day! -Rebecca

  4. I love it! Everything is so gorgeous. Love that your mom made the letters so not only were they lovely, but they had that personal touch.

  5. I would love to know who you used for your guest book. I have been shopping around for the same thing!


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