Friday, August 10, 2012

Before We Walked Down The Aisle

I had a little surprise for Andy on our wedding day. He had been talking about a blue-faced watch for as long as we've been dating. I knew a long time ago that I wanted to give him something special on our big day, so this was the perfect gift. I had the back engraved with our wedding date and "Forever perfect for me", which is our little saying. Our minister even mentioned it during our ceremony which made the words even more special. He loved the surprise! I had the Abel twins take the gift over to Andy since they are like sisters to him. It was a great way for them to be part of both sides of the bridal party and gave these lifelong friends a special memory.

We exchanged cards before we got married. They were a super sweet way to remember why we were getting married and how we felt that day. We actually read them for our videographer so they will be saved forever. This was the only time I cried, which is good because I'm not exactly a pretty crier. ;)

Andy didn't ask for much for the wedding but he did say he DID NOT want to see each other before the wedding. However I really wanted to see him before I walked down the aisle because I knew it would calm my nerves. So after seeing an idea on Pinterest where I could see him, but he couldn't see me I knew we had to try it. It was a perfect little private moment. (Private in the sense that there was a photographer and videographer documenting it. ;)

The very last thing we did before walking down the aisle was have a quick prayer with our wedding party. It was a special moment to calm down and really focus on why we were all there that day. I just love these pictures. Also, I included a picture of Jeff, the bestman, blocking the tiny window in the door while I walked down the hall. He was fulfilling his best man duties. ;)

All photos by Evan Laettner


  1. I love the getting ready pics! So much anticipation and excitement!


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