Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've seen a couple bloggers who do the What I'm Loving Wednesday posts and I think they are kind of fun. They are a great way to see what fun new stuff is out there. Thanks to Olivia over at Minor Details and Sarah over at Belle in the City for the great idea!

1. I'm ESSIE Oui Madame nail polish. It looks like I have 10 pearls on my hands, and what could be better than that? Please excuse the messy edges, I hadn't cleaned them up yet by picture time. 

2. I'm loving...The Help movie. I read the book ages ago and LOVED it but I hadn't seen the movie yet. Since I was a little sick today I camped out on the couch and finally watched it. The movie was SOOOO good! If you haven't seen or read The Help go do it right now. 

3. I'm loving...Gridiron Belles by Christie Leigh Mueller. I first saw this on Pinterest and had to have it. Andy was sweet enough to get it for me for Christmas and I loved it! Christie Leigh is a true southern belle who grew up watching football and believes, like me, that women need to learn the actual rules of the game. She also did a little feature about each SEC school and their tailgating/football traditions. This was really cool because that was basically what I wrote my final paper in college about. (Sport and Entertainment Management was the best major, just saying.) I'm no writer but I would love to do that, visiting every SEC school and observing southern traditions. If you need a right hand man Christie Leigh, call me!

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  1. Love the post! And that is a pretty nail color! :) miss you!!!


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