Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What I’m Reading Now

I have a tendency to read a couple books at one time. I have one that I read before bed to calm my overactive thoughts, one on my computer at work to escape during the lunch hours that I can’t leave the office, and then I’ve started listening to books while I drive back and forth between Charlotte and Columbia. This last way has been a real life saver since I’m traveling so much, plus it’s a great way to double your novel intake. All you have to do is look up a bunch of books-on-CD at your local library and have them shipped to your closest branch. Easy-peasy-lemon squeezy. So here is what I’ve got on my docket right now.
Too Much Tuscan Sun by Dario Castagno. This was recommended to me by my cousin Amber and it’s wonderful. An Italian tour guide talks about the Chianti region and regales you with interesting stories of the people he has shown around Italy. I’ve had my eye on touring Italy for a couple years now and this is a great book to get you in the traveling mood. Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger. I, like many girls, was a huge fan of The Devil Wears Prada so I have had this novel by the same author on my list for a long time. It follows three women who are looking for love and the troubles that come with find the perfect Mr. Right. It’s total fluff but sometimes those are my favorite kind of books. They are an escape from reality. What are you reading?

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  1. I'm reading "Financial Responsibility in Public Administration," "Administrative Law," "Public Personel Management," and "Human Resource Management for the Public Sector."


    I had running list of awesome reads (some of which I stole from your suggestions), but ended up getting rid of it because it was SO depressing how badly it piled up! Looks like the summer might be the perfect time to raid your bookshelf and try to attack that list again! :)


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