Monday, April 25, 2011


Sorry I’ve been a little slack with the blog posts lately. I’ve had about a million things going on but I’ll fill you in on some of my favorite moments.

First, it’s Royal Wedding Week on TLC. I’m so freakin’ excited about the royal wedding it’s not even funny. I loved Princess Diana and I already love Kate Middleton. Mom and I watched the documentary about Charles and Diana’s wedding last night and she told me about all the hype there was in 1981 for that wedding. Now I’m not going to wake up at 4:00 in the morning to watch the wedding live, however I’ll be catching up as soon as the alarm goes off. (Plus the DVR will be recording every precious moment.) The royal wedding is the perfect way to start the countdown for MY WEDDING, which will be exact 364 days after the royal wedding. Yay!

Second, I’m continuing to add random stuff to the Charlotte place to make it feel like home. My newest piece is this monogrammed pillow. I figured it’s safe to have S’s print on everything since my first name is Sarah and unmarried women are supposed to use their first name initial and then my married last name will start with an S as well, so it’s all universal. Right? Last, Ace and I went to the beach for a couple days over Easter weekend which was fun since we haven’t been in forever. The down side is even though we were only out on the beach for about an hour and a half and it was cloudy, and even sprinkled rain, we both got ridiculously sunburned. And I’m not talking about a little pink that changes to a glowing tan after a day. I’m talking fire engine red and prevents us from sleeping comfortably and makes us think twice about moving at all. Getting dressed for work this morning was an interesting challenge to say the least. (No picture because let's face it no one wants to see this.)
Hope everyone has a wonderful, and comfortable, week!

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  1. 1 - Royal Wedding? YES PLEASE. I'll be sitting in bed with a cup of coffee hovering over my laptop as Kate steps out and into the church. OHMUHGAH.

    2 - I just realized, I, too (if John tries to make an honest woman out of me) that I'll also have the same initial as my first name as the new last name... WEIRD.
    3 - Um yes, I do want to see the sunburn pics. :D


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