Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jewelry With A Meaning

I don't wear a lot of jewelry. It's just never been my thing. I didn't have my ears pierced until I was 21 years old, I know that's unheard of these days. However I try to wear at least fun earrings now and I'm lucky if I remember a necklace or bracelet.

While saying this I have a few pieces of jewelry that mean a great deal to me and I pull them out when I need a little extra strength that day or if I'm super happy.

Pearl studs
Andy gave me my first real pearl earrings one Christmas while we were dating. They are my go to piece of jewelry: they go with everything, pearls are always in style and classic, and I just feel pretty wearing them.

Monogrammed locket
My mom wore a locket when I was a kid that had a picture of me and my brother. I thought it was so neat and had to have one of my own. This was the first item I ever purchased with my married monogram on it and it holds a picture of my dad. I had it attached to my wedding bouquet, along with his wedding ring, so he would be with me the whole day and I wear it now on days when I need his strength and guidance.

My wedding and engagement ring
I'm sure this is the same for all married women but I love my rings. They remind me of Andy and I's relationship and the life we are building together. Looking at them can instantly take me back to our engagement day, wedding day, and first anniversary trip. I constantly play with them with my thumb and I feel naked without them.

Do you have jewelry that you that means something to you?


  1. I recognize that fountain! Pretty jewels. I have a lot of fun jewelry but I am pretty much always wearing my pearl studs, my wedding ring, and my David Yurman bracelet.

  2. I'm with you on the jewelry with a meaning! I have three pieces of jewelry that mean a lot to me - my pearl necklace, my pearl earrings, and my Clemson class ring. Everything is is completely replaceable, but not those!

  3. I'm not a huge jewelry person either when it cOnes to the real stuff but can't go without earrings ever!


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