Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Has Anyone Tried ........?

I have run across a couple things lately that have made me wonder "Has anyone tried this before"?

Stitch Fix - Personal Stylist
This sounds like Birchbox for clothes. You pay $20 and they send you a box of clothes and jewelry every month. Each client fills out a form about their style so they know what to send you. You keep what you like and ship back what you don't in a pre-paid bag. Then you pay the balance for the items you keep. From the blog posts I've found about this company their stuff looks cute but does it take the fun out of shopping?
stitch fix logo

Bare Minerals
I realize this has been around for ages, but I don't know anyone who actually uses it. I love the idea that there is no liquid foundation and was thinking this might be perfect for those hot South Carolina summers. But does it cover and even out skin tone? Does it last more than 5 minutes?

Polyblend Grout Renew
Our house is over fifty years old and is in pretty good shape. However the bathrooms need some updating. Thankfully we aren't dealing with pink, blue, or mint green tiles but the grout is completely discolored. I saw this product on Young House Love and I'm very intriged. However I can't draw a straight line for my life. Is this stuff hard to use and does it last?


  1. I used Bare Minerals and hated it.I thought it was expensive for powder that a lot of it would fall off the brush with.

    Stitch Fix I have heard good things about though!

    Another fun start-up is Blue Apron. They send you 3 entrees a week and its all organic. We love it and it saves us money every week.

  2. I've never tried stitch fix, but I've been curious about it too. I'm afraid I would get things I wouldn't like and then be out some cash. I'd rather just pick my stuff out in the store or online. But the element of surprise is tempting!

  3. I've used Bare Minerals off and on for at least six years now, and in the past I definitely wasted a LOT of it because of the whole loose-powder thing. However, their READY foundation (in a compact) is great! It lasts a long time, and like you said- it gets the SC summer stamp of approval :)

  4. Sarah...I'm old enough to be your mother, but I have used Bare Minerals for years. It has great coverage depending upon how much you apply. Have a great Valentine's weekend.!

  5. Bare Minerals was the first foundation I ever used way back in high school, and I used it for probably 4 years and loved it. Unfortunately, once I started using my acne cream from the dermatologist, it bleached my skin and made it dry so I couldn't find a color that perfectly matched and had to switch to a liquid for a more hydrating formula. My mom has used it for years though, and she loves it. It does last a long time, and it's great for humid SC summers.

  6. I have heard great things about StitchFix and really want to try it! I've heard that sometimes they send things that might fall in your style profile but a little out of your comfort zone, which I'm all about!


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