Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day Three and Four...Oops

I know I’ve already fallen behind on my 30 day blog journal but I had a lot of work to do because we have the George Strait concert today and the prep for it was intense. So you get a two for one today and I’ll answer both yesterday’s question and today’s. Day 3: Your Favorite Television Program
Well you can now see that I definitely didn’t look ahead at the questions because I basically answered this question with my last post. Glee has been my most recent TV obsession. It’s probably the only show that I insist on watching when it plays live. I love it! However I can’t forget the shows that I can watch reruns of all day long which include: Friends, Gilmore Girls, Project Runway, Top Chef and pretty much anything on either Bravo or the Food Network.

Day 4: Your Favorite Book
LOL If you know anything about me you should know that over the past year or so I’ve become a reading fanatic. I mean look at the scrolling book list at the top of my blog. I don’t have a favorite. I will say that I lean mostly toward chick lit books. I read for entertainment usually so I like the light and easy reads. I’ve also really started to love historical fiction books from authors like Philippa Gregory and Carolly Erickson. I read real books too, so if you ever need a book suggestion just let me know.

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