Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm a Whole Year Old, Almost!!!!!!!

Hello blog world! I think I say this every time but I can’t believe it’s already a new month. I remember being a kid and everyone saying how fast time goes but I never believe them. I now understand. Actually in three days it will be my one year anniversary of starting my little blog. I’m a little disappointed in myself that I haven’t written more and I think that will be a goal of mine for this next year.

So one reason time has been flying by is because I’ve been working crazy amounts lately but I will finely have a break after this weekend. However in honor of the chill month ahead I have all kinds of craziness this weekend. We have the South Carolina high school basketball championships at the Arena which will take up all night Friday and all day and night on Saturday. Andy has some of his best friends from Maryland coming down for a couple days, which means his house needs an overall cleaning which will take forever, and I have a good friend coming up from Charleston. Also, along with a couple bridesmaids, I will be hosting a couple’s shower for my lovely roomie Megan who is getting married next month. It should be really cute so I’ll have to post some pictures later. We are having it here at the Arena in order to go along with our Gamecocks theme and make it more couple-y. Any last minute easy decorating ideas would be much appreciated. I was kind of proud of the invitation, althought is said something different. What do you think?

What is everyone doing this summer? For the first time ever I have more plans than I do time. Andy’s family wants to do a couple after trips and then my family is planning a trip to….wait for it…..GREECE!!!!! The Olsgaard clan has been bit by the international travelling bug. We all had so much fun in Germany, big thanks to my cousin Amber and her husband Joe, that we, and maybe Andy, want to go on another adventure. Nothing is set in stone yet, just preliminary ideas but we are all crazy excited. Bring on the history, architecture, food, and hot men (no offense to Andy ;).
Well wish me luck with my crazy weekend and let’s see if I can make my posts a little more frequent.

Currently I’m reading: Matchbook: The Diary of a Modern-Day Matchmaker by Samantha Daniels. It’s just like the show on Bravo Millionaire Matchmakers. It goes to show that no matter how weird someone’s quirks are, everyone just wants a little lovin’.


  1. 1) Happy Anniversary! Hee hee...
    2) I love the invites! TOO cute! If John and I finally get hitched, will you plan our couple shower? :)
    3) Don't force yourself to update more; I tried that, and only ended up blogging less because I'd spit out something just for the sake of updating, and it'd be lame. So, you're doing fine!
    4) OMGGGG!!! You'll LOVE Greece!!! I'd give anything to go back. This might also be our perfect excuse to finally sit down and go through all my pics so I can give you the details on where to go and what to do. ;) And hot guys? Wellll - let's just say they're a little too Euro for my taste. But if you're into "manpris" and the mullet/mohawk combo, you'll be in luck!

  2. those invites are CUTE! will you send me the details about that shower? thanks!


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