Friday, February 12, 2010

Emily Post never mentioned blog etiquette did she?

I have a question that maybe some of you other bloggers can answer. What is the etiquette for reading, on a regular basis, someone’s blog that you don’t know? Do you become a “follower”, make random comments, or read it in silence and don’t creep them out by sounding like a stalker? Generally speaking I am a habitual commenter; photos, Facebook comments, blogs, doesn’t matter I’ll comment on it if I can. I don’t do it to put in my two cents, which I do like to do, but I comment because I figure if someone took the time to post something the least I can do is say that I appreciate their time and thoughts. But maybe that’s only cool if you know the person. I was just wondering.

There is a chance of snow today in Columbia, South Carolina and I’m not going to hold my breath until I see flakes. We usually get a couple “snow scares” a year but we rarely see anything. I think we’ve only had more than a dusting of snow two or three times in my whole life. Of course we have a show tonight, which means the phones are ringing constantly to see if we will cancel the show, which we won’t. So I’ll just wait and see, and maybe cross my fingers because I would really like to take care of my snow fix. (I was going to see a ton of snow in Maryland over Christmas but it rained the day before I got there and melted all of it. I was not amused.) I'll keep you updated.

On a fun note and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and all the kids who are getting married you may want to pass this video on to your prince charming so he will know better. I’ve never heard of this guy but he’s got some funny stuff. (Also the Chick-Fil-A song is pretty good

I’m still finishing up The Undomestic Goddess, which is crazy cute by the way, so nothing new there. I do want to say that I miss the show Glee very much and I don’t particularly want to wait until April for the new season to start. I might have to buy the first season just to keep myself distracted.

P.S. My new food obsession is Newton’s Fruit Crisps. They are not too sweet like a cookie and only 100 calories so they are the perfect afternoon snack.

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  1. I don't know who Emily Post is, but I believe in comments at least once in a while! I think feedback is highly underrated; plus, it's just nice to know someone out there cares what you're spewing over the internet. ;) I'm still a sucker for old fashioned letter writing and the occasional phone call, but with being so spread out these days, technology is truly a wonderful thing! Anywho, hope you enjoyed the "Snow Storm of 2010" and those Newton snacks sound delicious! (Another great thing about these blogs - I get great reccomendations!) I miss you, girl! Charleston is calling your name!


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