Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Baby and Life Update

Yesterday marked two full weeks home with the baby. I feel like we've had Anna Grace for forever, but also like we just brought her home. There is nothing that can describe how wonderful it has been to have her home. It's been really hard, exhausting, and frustrating, but also incredibly rewarding and we love her more everyday.

Here are a couple details that I want to remember about these first two weeks.

Baby at 2 week doctor's appointment:
Weighs: 7.6 lbs
Length: 20.5 ins

After two visits to a lactation consultant, AG is a nursing champion. As you can see from her stats she is growing like a champ. I'm doing a little bit of pumping when she does a small feeding and everything is going well.

We took the pup and baby on a walk the other day around the block. We talked so much about going on walks as a family of four while I was pregnant so it was fun to actually do it.

Baby girl is super strong. She has been able to lift her head since day one and bobble heads anytime we try to lay her on our shoulder. Her arms and legs move constantly, even when she sleeps. Tummy time has been really fun because she moves around so much. We are pretty proud.

We spend a lot of time just watching Anna Grace's facial expressions. She can go through every feeling in 10 seconds and it shows all over her face. It's so entertaining.

Camden loves Anna Grace! From the second we brought her home the pup has been obsessed. He follows the baby around the house and sleeps in her room any time we put her in the crib. When she cries the dog comes to find us with a look of "the baby is upset, fix it now". I can't wait for AG to start toddling around, I just know they will be best friends.

My mom, Nana, is in heaven being a grandmother. It's so sweet to see how she lights up when she holds the baby. She has been a lifesaver by coming over to watch Anna Grace while we either run errands or, more importantly, sleep.

We are still getting the hang of this parenting thing, but we are enjoying every second of it. Now I'm off to nap. ;)


  1. What a sweet update!! Sounds like Anna Grace is adored by all! ...and rightly so ;) xoxo

  2. She is so, so, so cute! Glad y'all are all adjusting well :)


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