Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Thoughts

Interesting things to come:
*We have the Circus in town this week, which translates to I don’t get a day off at all this week, nor do I get to partake of the St. Patty’s Day festivities in 5 Points with all the crazy college kids. I don’t think I’ve seen the Circus since I was about four years old. I have not seen it since then because my mom swears that I screamed the whole time because I was scared of everything. (Yep, I was one of those kids, a huge scaredy cat.) I think I’ll actually sit down and watch it this year. Let me know if anyone wants to join.
*For Valentine’s Day I bought Andy tickets to the Jeff Dunham event at the North Charleston Coliseum. We have watched his stuff on Comedy Central a bunch of times and he is hilarious. They always say don’t give funny stuff for V-day, but I think we both prefer it to the sappy stuff. So at the end of March we are going to see him live. So excited!
* Dane Cook is coming in June. As I said before I’m a huge fan of standup comedy so I’m pretty stoked.
*Wedding season starts again for me at the end of March. I’ve got a friend from high school getting married and I’m so excited for him. I love going to weddings!
*The Family Circle Cup is next month. I’m excited to see what Andy has been working on all year. I’m hoping to see lots of people there so if you want to go, let me know!
* My brother has started playing lacrosse and it’s such a cool sport. It fits his personally so well and my mom and I are having a ball learning all the rules. Goodness knows where people come up with these games though. Who came up with the concept of throwing a tiny ball across a field and giving guys long sticks to hit each other with? Sure, that sounds like a safe idea. Oh well, it’s very entertaining.
I’m still currently I’m reading: Savannah Breeze by: Mary Kay Andrews and Eclipse by: Stephanie Meyer. (I’m itching to take a trip to Savannah now because it sounds so relaxing.)

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