Wednesday, December 23, 2015

6 Months

And just like that we have a six month old. It went by in the blink of an eye. Anna Grace's personality really has started to shine through and she is learning to do new things everyday. Thankfully Andy is great with trying new things with her, because honestly I'm always pretty resistant, not sure why. We are really enjoying the baby and have gotten a good routine down. (Although I know it could/and will change soon.)

- Weighs 15 lbs. 13 oz. and is 25.25 inches long.

- Wears size two diapers during the day and I think we are going to start putting her in size 3 at night because we've had a couple leaks. We usually put her unwrapped in her crib after her last bottle and then gently change her into a nighttime diaper before we head to bed around 10:30-11:00pm. We also then put her in her wrap. While she can roll over she has NEVER moved once she is asleep and still likes to be all bundled up. We assess it every night to see if she is ready to move to sleep sacks instead, which will be soon.

- Gets 5 bottles of 5oz a day and one meal of rice cereal before her last bottle.

- Size 3-6 month clothes are the best right now, although we can make 3 month and 6 month clothes work.  (Mommy's favorite outfit is the black and white striped shirt and red pants with red bows. Daddy's favorite outfit is the smocked pumpkin romper.)


- Has been constantly chewing on her hands, feet, really anything you can get to her mouth. More and more she will suck/chew on just her thumb. We keep checking for teeth, but we haven't seen any yet.

- Baby got her first ear infection the Monday before Thanksgiving. She had been really fussy during meals, she would start really strong and then start screaming halfway through. We tried switching the way we held her, nipple levels, and even formula (which she didn't like), but nothing helped. We just couldn't figure it out and the nurses on call kept telling me it was probably a phase. Thankfully I was chatting with a mom friend who mentioned her baby had an ear infection and it got me thinking. I made a doctor's appointment just to have her checked. Anna Grace was so smiley and happy during the appointment that even the doctor was shocked when she found the ear infection. AG did 10 days worth of antibiotic and took it really well.

*Two things about the antibiotic. First, if you live near a Publix you can get Amoxicillin for free, even if it's not your usual pharmacy. Second, when I went to pick up the medicine the young pharmacist asked if I wanted it flavored. I replied "Oh she is just 5 months old", which in my mind meant she doesn't know the difference in flavors so don't bother. Well the pharmacist replied "oh she's little, I'll put bubble gum flavoring in it". Whatever, AG took the medicine like a champ, so I guess she likes bubble gum.

- We started rice cereal. We made it way to watery the first time so it was a little hard for her to eat but the second time we made it thicker and she really loved it. She caught onto the eating motion really quickly and now opens her mouth for more and even leans forward when we are taking too long getting the next bite to her.

- She loves bath time. She has figured out how to splash and loves playing/chewing her rubber duck. Andy and I still both participate and can't seem to figure out how one person bathes a baby. She is just so slippery. It's a fun family affair though.

- Anna Grace's first Thanksgiving. We traveled to North Myrtle Beach and had Thanksgiving with Andy's mom, stepfather, stepbrother and his wife, and Andy's great-aunt and uncle. We figured out a great place to stop on the way for diaper changes and feedings. She sleeps in a pack-and-play, which is super convenient to keep at the in-laws house. She loved sitting in her Bumbo in the kitchen watching everyone make dinner.

- On December 13 we had Anna Grace baptized. We had lots of family in town with Andy's parents and both his Grandmothers and of course my Mom and brother. She wore the same linen and lace gown I wore which was really special. She was good, but did cry a little bit when the minister sprinkled water on her head. (He apologized later because it was cold.) My mom hosted a wonderful lunch at her house after and it was so nice to have a chance to chat with everyone. We were exhausted afterward, but thrilled with how it went. Our only regret is we didn't get a picture of just Andy, Anna Grace, and me. I know crazy, but we were so concerned with getting the family pictures that we totally forgot. (We may have to recreate it later. No judgment)

- The night before the baptism AG decided to wake up at 4:00am and was wide awake. Umm...can you say terrible timing? She did it for a couple nights in a row, so we changed her and rocked her back to sleep. She is pretty much back to sleeping through the night, although sometimes she needs a late night diaper change.

- On December 14 Anna Grace started sitting up by herself. She has a pretty good sense of balance and can mostly catch herself if she starts to fall backward. This has been one of the developments that really makes me feel like time is going by too fast. I swear we just brought her home and she couldn't move at all on her own and now she is sitting up.

- Anna Grace and Camden's relationship has been developing a lot lately. AG is fascinated by Camden and she reaches for him and pets/grabs handfuls of his fur any time he is around. Camden pretty much lets her do whatever she wants and it's really cute. I really want them to be best buds.

- Andy has been getting a few cuddles lately and I'm so jealous! Sometimes, if she is really tired, after her last bottle Andy will lay her on his chest and AG will fall asleep. My heart just bursts watching him hold the baby and pet Camden with his other hand. My little family all curled up in one spot.

- Goodness knows we are head over heels in love with this little girl and can't imagine our life without her. Now prepare yourself for a bunch of cute baby pictures.


  1. Holy cow she is adorable!!!! She has grown so much!
    Try that size 3 diaper, that cured the leaking for MA!


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