Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

I haven't done a Wedding Wednesday post for a while and I thought I would share my lastest story with you.

It finally happened! It’s been a really long and interesting road but the search is over. I have found my perfect match. Are you wondering what I’m talking about? The perfect dress, the perfect venue, the perfect prince charming….

Well yes I’ve found all that stuff already, but what I have FINALLY found is someone to do my wedding hair and makeup. I realize this may not seem like a big deal but this has been a rough subject lately. As you may have read previously I had a bad experience getting my makeup done for Ace and I’s engagement pictures and that was supposed to be my “trial” for the wedding. STRIKE ONE!

Okay, no problem, I talked to a salon close to my mom’s house and they said they do wedding hair and makeup. So I go in for a consultation and the lady said she doesn’t have any makeup but we can bring our own and she can put it on for us. Ummm, what? Then I show her like six pictures of pretty wedding hair that I stole from Pinterest and she got to working her magic. Or so I thought that’s what she was doing. She curled and teased the mess out of everything and since I want a half up/half down hairdo she took the hair from the sides of my face and literally tied them in a knot at the back of my head. The anticipation was killing me and I was all excited until the she turns the chair around. The only way I can think to describe it is “Thank you for the country music award”. Let’s just say I was not happy. STRIKE TWO!

I decide to ask around and talked to a friend about a great salon I had been to years ago and thought it would be perfect. So I called and guess what, there was a girl who called the day before who is getting married on the same day that I am, but in North Carolina and the whole salon was going up for that. Are you kidding me! Well they called me back and a girl could stay back and do my hair. Yay! Next was to schedule a trial before I set up my bridal portraits. Well apparently the girl only works every other Monday and some Saturdays. I’m sorry, what? I don’t live in Columbia, the portraits will be in Charleston, and my dress is in Greenville, so along with trying to coordinate all that I also need to schedule it on a random Monday (because the photographer and venue are working actual weddings on Saturdays). I don’t think so. STRIKE THREE!

I was officially worried. Then I randomly told my hair/makeup story to a friend and she suggested a place I hadn’t thought of. I called them, set up an appointment in 5 minutes, showed the hair stylist my pictures, she did her thing and at the end of 15 minutes I had the perfect wedding hairstyle. Seriously, could it be this easy? The next test was the makeup trial. I had my trusty pictures, and not only did she follow them but she improved on them. It was so beyond easy. I guess the first tries were just to add to my fun list of wedding planning stories. Anyway, to wrap everything up, I have my hair and makeup all scheduled, awesome!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Books I Would Recommend

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “What I’ve been reading” post which is a shame because I’ve read some great books lately. Here are some of my recommendations.
Mistress of the Revolution by Catherine Delors
While I love historical fiction I generally stick with the English royalty novels. However I picked this book up ages ago not know anything about it and finally got around to reading it. It’s about a semi-aristocratic girl living through the French Revolution. Of course I knew the basics about the Revolution; the poor citizens of France were being made poorer by the French royals and nobles, so they took over, killed many people, and set about reforming the government. But I’ve never really paid much attention to the details or major events that brought the Revolution about. This novel gives the read a first person perspective of those dangerous years in Paris. There is plenty of juicy gossip and scandal to keep your attention and you really what the main character to find happiness in the end. It’s a real page turner, plus I learned a lot since the author tried pull as many real events into the storyline as possible.
Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert -
I have to admit that I did not particular enjoy Gilbert’s first book Eat, Pray, Love. (I know, I’m like the only person in the world who didn’t like it, I’m okay with that.) So when a friend recommended Committed I wasn’t sure about it. But I found it in the library and decided to give it a go. I read the whole book really quickly and found it surprisely interesting. Gilbert has found herself in love with a foreign man and the only way they can be together is to get married, which just so happens to be the one thing they promised they would never do. The book is a culmination of Gilbert’s research into what makes marriage work. This is a question I have asked myself for a long time. My parents were married for over 30 years and I want that for Ace and I, but how to you make it happen? Obviously this book is not the answer to every martial problem but it has lots of different views on marriage, the history of marriage in different cultures, and how some people make it last. I really enjoyed this book and think that it’s a great read for anyone who is married, thinking about getting hitched, or even people who are thoroughly against the idea, since the author started out in that state of mind.
Living in a Foreign Language by Michael Tucker -
I loved this book for many reasons. First I am obsessed with the idea of going to Italy and taking my time going through each region, exploring all the tiny towns, art, culture, and most importantly food that the country has to offer. This book is about a couple who decides to move to Italy and their adventures of fitting in and making an ancient villa into a home. We follow them though buying meat from three different butchers to how to build a house that looks old. I highlighted about a third of the book so I can remember it whenever I do get to visit Italy someday. It’s a quick but really fun read. Perfect when you get the itch to travel but can’t.
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