Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To-Do lists and Hankies

I’m one day closer to the big day and I’m just finishing up some last minute details.

- I need to finish packing. I have three separate piles of stuff layed out on our guest bed. One pile is what I will take to Columbia for when I stay at Mom’s house. One is the wedding night pile, and one is the honeymoon pile. None of them are actually ready to be packed yet and that needs to change.

- I have wrapped the groomsmen’s gifts and fathers’ gifts.

- I am going to have the labels for the favors made tonight.

- I am getting my hair trimmed and touched up tonight as well.

That’s about it. Between my mom and I planning like crazy people for the last year and a half we don’t have a ton to do right out the end, thank goodness.
I do have a question though, does anyone know where I can find a woman’s hanky in Charlotte? I need some ASAP!

Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Wedding Week!

I just want to say, "It's My Wedding Week"!!!! I have planned, organized, and dreamed of my wedding day and now it is literally six days away. In honor of this event I am featuring how to use monograms in your wedding for Monogram Monday.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Funnies!

This weekend will be my last weekend as a single girl. Honestly, I'm ready. I'm ready to walk down the aisle, I'm ready to see all my friends, I'm ready to dance the night away with all the people I love most, and I'm ready to be married. I've been pretty proud of myself that I haven't stressed out, yet, and I think humor is the best distraction. So I'll start the weekend off right with some Pinterest finds that made me laugh.
(Please realize I do take marriage seriously, but some of this stuff cracked me up.)

 I loved seeing what everyone wore to the royal wedding, but come on ladies....
 No worries, my real prince charming asked me. ;)
 Stuff guys never do....
 I need to find a bed on the big day just so me and my girls can do this.
 Haha, just kidding
 Gosh I miss football season
 This just made me laugh
This is really cute for any Marylanders.
Seriously, is it that hard to RSVP?
Umm....yes! I would be delighted.
I tried really hard not to do this to my girls.

Have you seen any good wedding humor lately?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monogram Monday!

Don't Get Between a Girl and Her Purse!

It's spring time and everyone is coming out with super cute purses, clutches, and bags. And what could be cuter than a momogrammed bag?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Honeymoon Must Haves!

In fourteen days my new HUSBAND and I will be finishing up packing for our HONEYMOON! I’m so glad to see on other blogs that people start daydreaming about their honeymoon before it happens because we both are pumped to go to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Neither of us has been before so it should be a lot of fun. My three honeymoon requirements were: I wanted to leave Monday so we can drive from Columbia to Charlotte and settle down for a day before we leave, I wanted tropical (i.e. lots of sand, beaches, and fruity drinks), and I wanted it all inclusive so the hardest decision I would have to make is which restaurant should we go to. I got all three, so now I’m ready to get there!

Like the little planner I am, I’ve already started making piles of what we need to take with us on our honeymoon. (I know, I’m ridiculous.) But I just want to drive home on Sunday and everything be ready to leave Monday morning. I thought I would share with you a couple of the fun things we are taking to make our trip fun, comfortable, and memorable.
Honeymoon Must Haves:
A hat! I have a couple large brim hats from my Carolina Cup days, which I adore, but they aren’t the easiest things to pack. So when I saw a cobalt blue floppy hat in TJ Max yesterday that could be squished or flattened I jumped on it. I burn so easily, so a hat is a necessity.  Should I monogram it? Silly question.
2010 Carolina Cup - Look how far Andy's head is from mine. Hahaha!
We just got a fantastic wedding gift in the mail and thank goodness we got it before we left on our honeymoon. It’s a Kodak PlaySport Waterproof Video Camera! We have already charged it up and started to learn how to use it. It’s really simple and we can’t wait to start making home movies. My parents made tons of them when I was a kid, so it’ll be nice to do that for our new family. (P.S. I promise I wrote the thank you note before we started playing with the camera.)
Suntan lotion. As I said before, I burn just thinking about the sun, but I want to come back with a beautiful “we just got back from our honeymoon” glow. Any good suggestions for products that will keep me safe however will let a little sun through?

All my pretty goodies I got at my bachelorette party. My friends threw me an awesome bachelorette party, which I’ll write about soon, that included a lingerie shower. My friend Rebecca, check her out over at Southern Happy Hour, was sweet enough to wrap up each gift in a different color tissue paper. Then when we are on our honeymoon, Andy can just pick a color. That way it’s a surprise for him and me. Isn't that such a cute idea?! Any suggestions on how to get wrapped items through security? Should I take them in my carry on or in my checked luggage?

Last, but never least, my books! I’m taking a couple because I’m planning to spend a lot of time lying on the beach doing nothing. Ahhhhh….sounds like heaven! I’ve been saving the newest Mary Kay Andrews book Summer Rentals especially for our honeymoon. Andrews is one of my very favorite writers so I have to save her books for special occasions. I think I’ll also take How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World by Jordan Christy. It’s small and witty and it’s been on my list of ages, I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

If you have any other suggestions of honeymoon must haves please let me know!

One Day, Three Roadtrips

We are officially TWO WEEKS away for our wedding day! I can honestly say my overall feeling is crazy excited. I’m so ready to see all the months of planning become a reality and to finally change from a MISS to a MRS. There are still tons of little details to finish up but I am calmed by the idea that even if we don’t finish a single other thing Andy and I will still get married, the wedding will go off without a hitch, and people wouldn’t know any different. It’s all gravy from here, and that’s a comforting thought.

I had a wedding filled day today. All fun stuff but my errands took me literally on a tour of the Carolinas. I started from Charlotte this morning and drove to Greenville, SC to pick up my freshly pressed wedding dress from Poinsett Bride. I have had such a wonderful wedding dress experience with these ladies. I stopped in their Greenville store on a whim and found the dress of my dreams. If you are in the area and getting married, check them out! Anyway, I was in Greenville for a hot-minute and covered the inside of my car and dress in clean bed sheets so it wouldn’t get dirty and was on my way.
My next stop was Columbia. I had to drop my dress off at my mom’s house and go through the ever growing lists we both compile on a daily basis. My mom has been wonderful and has put a lot of my random, crazy ideas into motion. I want to make our wedding special by adding lots of personal touches, but those personal touches take a lot of time. With the start of my new job I haven’t had a lot of time so my mom has graciously stepped in. I will share some of the touches with you soon once I get some pictures to go with them.

So after grabbing some last minute things from the house I got back on the road and headed back to Charlotte. That makes a total of three road trips, two gas station stops, and one broken CD player, which was really inconvenient. It was a long day but I’m happy to have some stuff knocked off the list.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monogram Monday!

Monograms are a Southern Girl's Best Friend

Oh Monogram Monday, how I've missed you! Since it's been a little while I thought I would do an especially fun post. Every girls love jewelry so adding a monogram can only make it better. Here are some of my new favorites:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

100 Blog Posts!

Happy 100th post!

Hello my lovely blog! Oh how I have missed you. I’ve been a bad blogger the last couple of weeks but I have good reasons. Mainly because I started a NEW JOB! I’ve been getting used to the new schedule and trying to figure out how to fit life in around it. Here is a quick glance at what’s been going on in my life:
First, the new job. I’ve been there for almost three weeks now and I’m just now starting to feel somewhat comfortable answering my phone. This job is in a different field than any other job I’ve ever done so the learning curve has been a little rough and slow going. I have a tendency to compare myself to people who have been doing this for many years, which isn’t fair (I know!), but I’m ready to not ask my poor coworkers five million questions every day, and I’m sure they are too.

I “officially” moved to Charlotte, NC! I’ve been back and forth while looking for jobs so it’s been nice to finally be in the same city as Andy.

Speaking of my prince charming, we are getting married in THREE WEEKS! With the start of the new job and the last month of the NBA season I kind of lost track of time and all of a sudden we are in the home stretch before the wedding. I’m not nervous at all really. I don’t have time to think about it much, which may be a good thing since I have a tendency to obsess a little. I’m just ready to be married. Andy has been really sweet to wait a year and a half while I planned our dream wedding, but I’m not sure he could wait much longer and I agree. It’s crazy to think in a month I will be writing blogs as a married lady!

This is my 100th blog post! I started this blog because I had enjoyed reading so many other blogs and thought maybe I could give it a shot. It has been a great way to preserve my thoughts and life experiences. I have learned a lot of new things, made new friends, and honestly have gotten way more from blogging than I probably have put in it, which I’m going to try and work on. I figured for this special post I would let you know that I planned to change the look of my blog again soon. I don’t know why I can’t stick with one background but my taste keeps changing I guess.

Thank you for anyone who reads this blog!
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